NEW! Shoreham CC’s Daddy Hundredth – 1868-2018

So, what is a Daddy Hundred?  For those unfamiliar with the term, it’s a phrase used to describe not just scoring a century, but going on to get a big individual score of over 150.

But… there’s an even bigger one coming around this year for certain.

Shoreham CC will celebrate the Club’s 150th anniversary, having been founded in 1868.  Whilst there are a number of clubs with longer pedigrees that we play agains, we are certainly amongst the older clubs. Indeed the earliest evidence uncovered to date is from a newpaper report of a match played by Shoreham dated 23 July 1848 in “Bell’s Life in London”:

CHISLEHURST v SHOREHAM – These clubs played a match at Chislehurst last Thursday week, when Shoreham won, with eight wickets to go down.

Scores: Chislehurst 57 and 61 – total 118 of which Perch marked 4 and 44… Shoreham 70 and 20 – total 90 of which W Bowers obtained 7, G Wirrell 14, Taylor 2 and 10, G Crook 55.

It is unclear what method of scoring was used to determine this outcome, but it looks as though this might have been decided on 1st innings totals as the aggregate of both innings is in Chislehurst’s favour!

Calling all former players!

We plan to mark this summer’s milestone with a celebratory weekend of cricket in August, and wish to reach out to as many former players and their families as possible.  This event will be held on the weekend of 18-19 August as a get-together at the ground with marquee and refreshments.  The Saturday 1st team league match between Shoreham and Eynsford will be given a great backdrop by virtue of the Biggin Hill Air Display, where our ground enjoys a splendid view of the aerial proceedings.  On Sunday the Club will face a Vice-Presidents’ XI, with proceeds of charitable collections to be jointly shared by the Club and Cancer Research.

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